SoulDJ673's Git repositories


NameDescriptionLast commit
dmenuA dynamic, scriptable menu for X11; Suckless ; My build2021-01-16 05:07
dotfilesMy configs, scripts, etc.2022-07-24 04:58
g403-ledPython script for changing the colors of my mouse LEDs ; Mirror2019-12-10 10:26
pasfetchA simple fetch program written in Pascal.2022-09-28 20:23
pntifyFetch notifications and alerts from 3DSPaint/DSiPaint2022-08-21 23:58
slockSuckless screen locker for X11 ; My build2021-01-16 05:11


The best way to contribute to my repositories is through e-mail, check out if you don’t know how to do that. Send your patches to and change the subject prefix to specify the repository you are sending the patch for. You can do that running the following command from the git repository:

git config format.subjectPrefix "PATCH <name-of-repository>"

You can also contribute on GitHub via pull requests or issues (all of my important repositories are mirrored there).

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