Logitech Prodigy Mouse LED control

Allows you to control the LED lighting of your G203 Prodigy Mouse programmatically. Inspired by and based on g810-led and g203-led.



  1. Clone the repository: git clone https://github.com/smasty/g203-led.git
  2. Prepare virtualenv: virtualenv ./env
  3. Install dependencies: env/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. Run (as root) the script for your model:
    • sudo ./g203-led.py solid 00FFFF
    • sudo ./g403-led.py solid 00FFFF

Note that the g403 has to independent lights: one on the scroll wheel, and one on the mouse itself. This script will set both lights to use the same configuration, but it can be customized to set them independently.


Make sure to use the script for your mouse model. The example below uses the g403-led script.

    g403-led solid {color} - Solid color mode
    g403-led cycle [{rate} [{brightness}]] - Cycle through all colors
    g403-led breathe {color} [{rate} [{brightness}]] - Single color breathing
    g403-led intro {on|off} - Enable/disable startup effect

    Color: RRGGBB (RGB hex value)
    Rate: 100-60000 (Number of milliseconds. Default: 10000ms)
    Brightness: 0-100 (Percentage. Default: 100%)