My personal build of Drunken Alcoholic's Pasfetch, a simple fetch program written in Pascal.


alt text


You can compile Pasfetch with the free and open source "Free Pascal Compiler". Just search your distro's packages for "fpc" and install, then compile by doing the following:


Use fpc to compile with optimizations

$ fpc -O3 -CpCOREAVX2 -OpCOREAVX2 -CfAVX2 -Xs pasfetch.pas

or run the included shell script to compile and cleanup

$ ./

If you get an error on "ld" not found, install the "binutils" package for your distribution


Copy the compiled binary to a folder in your $PATH e.g "$HOME/.local/bin"

then make it executable

$ chmod +x pasfetch


Either call the program by using pasfetch in a shell or add to your shell's rc file.

$ pasfetch


I came across this by accident one day, and it happened to be significantly faster than what I was using previously, especially over 1000 runs. Using it as intended, the difference was negligible. I still switched though because I prefer to get free performance where possible, and I like to toy around with old hardware, and so this difference could be much more substantial there.